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seeprom(4) support


I've just added support for attaching seeprom(4) devices.  This should allow
i2c *-fru devices to attach.  For, example, on a 280R, I can now see:

  seeprom0 at iic0 addr 0xd0: dimm-fru: size 8192
  seeprom7 at iic0 addr 0xd7: dimm-fru: size 8192
  seeprom8 at iic0 addr 0x50: nvram: size 8192
  seeprom9 at iic1 addr 0x50: cpu-fru: size 8192

and it's possible to read the contents of the EEPROM's using (e.g.):

  mknod -g operator -m 0600 -u operator seeprom0 c 206 0
  dd if=seeprom0 bs=1 skip=6144 count=2048 | hexdump -C

to read the part number and serial number of the device (the information
for *-fru EEPROM's seems to be in the last 2KB, with the rest almost all
zeros) [1].

Note, that currently the pcfiic controller uses delay() when reading or
writing from iic devices, so reading large amounts like this will make the
system unresponsive.  (The best fix for this is to make the whole iic
subsystem mp-safe.)



[1] Some of the 501-6109 DIMM's show 501-6266, and others show 501-6270.

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