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HEADS UP: GENERIC will gain options MODULAR

In the near future the sparc64 GENERIC kernel will gain options MODULAR.
This allows it to load kernel modules, but also will by default enable
auto-loading of modules, e.g. for file systems when used for the first
time. Auto-loading is only possible from predefined paths in /stand, where
supposedly root has installed the official modules.

If you do not want this change (and are using GENERIC), you can disable
the auto loading by adding


to your /etc/sysctl.conf file.


P.S.: it is not intended to strip features from GENERIC, the MODULAR kernel
is the (slightly) stripped one. There will also be a a TEST kernel (based
on MODULAR, but INSECURE, used for atf test runs) and a MONOLITHIC config,
which is basically GENERIC without options MODULAR.

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