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Sun Netra T1 and 5.99.45: No link on hme0

Hi list,

I eventually found some time to upgrade my old Sun Netra T1, which is
currently running an outdated 5.0.1, to -current (5.99.45 from friday

But after restarting with the new kernel (userland not yet upgraded), I found
hme0 to find no carrier. No matter where I plugged in and out the cable
across the ports, but there was no link. Specifiying it by hand did not
improve the situation.
The kernel was configured exactly the same way as before (speaking directly,
I copied the `config -x`-output).

I read about problems with hme0 on an Ultra1 with 5.99.45 (Erik Bertelsen)
where a defect kernel config caused problems with the nic.
Could that also be the case here? Though detecting link should not be a
userland-case, I think.
The machine is used daily, thus I'm running the old system now and don't have
much time for further checking.

I'm actually just curious whether the problem is on my side or if it's a bug
and I should file it. 

Appended is the dmesg (the T1 has two ports ethernet onboard and four on a
happy meal, only on of the onboard-ports is used).

Regards, Julian

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