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Re: Cross-building GENERIC32

At 19:23 Uhr +1100 08.12.2010, matthew green wrote:
>are you using build.sh -m sparc to build GENERIC32?  if not, please do.
>(alternatively, build sparc's GENERIC_SUN4U, which is the same thing.)

I wasn't, although that was on my list of things to try.

>ie, use -m sparc, not -m sparc64, for 32 bit kernels.  we could probably
>fix this for sparc64 and make it use -m32, but....

Well, it would save people cross-building from having to build another
toolchain. But everybody has four-core multi-GHz machines idling under
their desk these days, I guess.  ;)

Is the sparc 64 bit vs. 32 bit build topic documented anywhere, btw.? I
couldn't find any hints.


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