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re: port/sparc64 known working on Netra X1?

   On May 8, 2010, at 15:29, Chris Ross wrote:
   >  Okay.  So, in looking at the diffs from netbsd-4 to netbsd-5  
   > sparc64/dev/psycho.c, I see that the API to intr_establish changed.   
   > But, I was surprised to find that intr_establish() (within  
   > psycho_set_intr()) returns successfully on this last call that never  
   > returns.
   >  The *last* line of psycho_set_intr() does not complete.  What could/ 
   > would make this hang?
   >        *(ih->ih_map) |= INTMAP_V|(CPU_UPAID << INTMAP_TID_SHIFT);
      Updated the printf in psycho_set_intr() a bit, and I can't see why  
   the last one would fail, and the earlier ones work.  Just in case this  
   info helps anyone else, though it looks pretty normal and non- 

so what this instruction is doing is setting the "valid" bit in
the interrupt mapping register.

i'm guessing that some extant interrupt is then delivered and the
system isn't prepared and we go boom (aka hang.)

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