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Re: SUN Ultra 5 HDD compatibility


> Or, in case you have such equipment sitting around, stick a SymBIOS  
> 53cXXX and a SCSI disk in there, the firmware ROM has support for most  
> of them. I used an ASUS-badged 53x875 ( obviously with PC firmware )  
> in my U10 ages ago with no hassle whatsoever.
> That's bootable, beats the onboard IDE controller and you can still  
> use whatever you want for your main data dump. Not sure if the ROM  
> supports U2W-SCSI or U160 controllers but pretty much anything SymBIOS  
> up to UW-SCSI should Just Work(tm)

The real Sun X6540A (*) adapters are available for very little these days
and have internal connectors.  They are only 40MB/s but work perfectly.
The drive can sit where the IDE drive would normally sit.  You can also do
the same in a Blade 100/150, although it's a bit fiddly to get the SCSI
cables routed through to the disks.



(*) Make sure you get the single-ended X6540A (375-0005) card, and not the
(almost identical) differential X6541A (375-0006) card.

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