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Re: data fault in pci_child_register() for uhci0

2009/11/16 matthew green:

> can you build a DEBUG kernel?  if so, please also edit
> sys/arch/sparc64/dev/pci_machdep.c and set sparc_pci_debug
> to SPDB_CONF, and then try again.

I built a DEBUG kernel with SPDB_CONF but when I put the card back in
the Ultra it started working with the GENERIC kernel and it didn't
fail, no matter what I tried (cold/warm reboot, pulling the power
cord, inserting the card out of alignment, booting with an without an
USB thumb drive)
strange thing is that before declaring this problem 100% reproducible
I put the card in two different Ultra 5, one with NetBSD 4.0 and one
with 5.0.1 and it failed on both while now it works on both, anyway
now I'm ready for debugging if it happens again

Daniele Forsi

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