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Reproducible 5.0.1 GENERIC panic

I just noticed that my trusty old Sun Ultra1 firewall, now running 5.0.1 GENERIC from the 20090729 nightly build, exhibits a trivially reproducible panic.

It works just fine gatewaying packets to and from my home LAN, with some trivial ipf/ipnat taking place, but if I:

$ ftp -a ftp.netbsd.org
[connect happens]
ftp> cd /pub/NetBSD/packages/5.0
panic: in4_cksum: mbuf too short for IP header

... and then dumps. Unfortunately, savecore doesn't appear to save the core into /var/crash, so I guess my ~256MB swap partition is just under the 256MB of RAM the machine has in size.

This appears to happen every time (well, twice out of 2 attempts so far), so unless this is already a known bug (I didn't find anything matching in gnats), I'll sysctl -w ddb.onpanic=1 tomorrow and send-pr.

Best regards,

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