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Re: Strange X11 crashes on 5.0

>> It's not X that's broken (well, currently it is in -current, but not
>> in general) - but single apps.
> no, reread the report.  The same app works or crashes depending on
> changing only the X *SERVER*.  If arch of app and server match, it
> works.  If they differ, the same app crashes.

That is (almost) certainly a bug in the app, not a bug in X.

In particular, the app is a lot more likely than X proper is to contain
stupid assumptions wired into its code (eg, all servers have a
DirectColor default visual, or all servers support 32bpp pixmaps, or
all servers use the same {red,green,blue}-mask values).

Also, is it different arch, or different endianness, or unexpected
pixmap formats, or localhost versus networked, or what?  Any of those
could plausibly explain "works with this server, crashes with that one".
It could even be some non-simple combination of those, and, while I
haven't read "the report" either (did someone give a pointer to it? I
missed it if so), I doubt it includes enough information to answer more
than a few of those questions.

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