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Re: Native Xorg on sparc64


I just imported the suncg6 driver from xorg, added our homegrown acceleration support and made it work on my Ultra 1 which happens to have two different cg6. With this we have native Xorg support for pretty much all graphics hardware you're likely to find in a sparc64 box suppoorted by NetBSD, namely: - Creator, Creator3D and Elite3D ( tested only with ffb2+ so far, likely needs bugfixes from xsrc/xfree )
- various CG6 models ( should all work )
- Mach64-based: PGX, PGX24 and PGX64 ( tested only with a PGX so far, PGX24 should Just Work, PGX64 is untested )
- Radeon-based: works with my XVR-100.
- Rage 128 based: completely untested. Works on macppc so there's a chance it will Just Work.
- Permedia2-based: works with my Raptor / PGX32
- wsfb: untested but should work.

SBus and UPA cards work as primary or secondary heads, PCI cards only as primary, just as with xfree86.

have fun

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