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lost interrupt on Blade 100/150 with "newer" OBP

Hi everybody,

I got a Blade 150 today and run into the "well known" lost interrupt issue of the aceride controller. I started to dig around, what could be the reason for this. It is known that OpenBSD don't have this problem anymore(?). If I remeber correctly Michael Lorenz mentioned some time ago, that the interrupt mapping with the newer OPB could be the error. So I startet to compare the sourcecode of ofw_matchdep. There are serveral fixes in OpenBSD, but mainly targeting sun4v. I grap OpenBSD 3.3 to ensure that non of those minor changes are linked to the Blade interrupt problem.

3.3 boots fine without any problems on my Blade 150. Therefore the bug seems not to be part of ofw code. After that I looked into aceride driver and found a bigger change between 2.0 and 1.6. The complete special threatment of channel disabling and map compat interrupt handling was removed or/and simplified. Those changes were never introduced to OpenBSD. So I fetch NetBSD 1.6 kernel and still got the "lost interupt" error. Only notable the timing of the first message moved a bit (too a later occurence) but the results are still the same.

I currenlty look into the psycho code, because there are several difference between those two BSD. I noticed some changes which are "intressting". But the changes are older then OpenBSD 3.3. So there is no kernel-set available on the OpenBSD-ftp and I'm afraid that the old source will not compile on a newer system. :-( Has somebody an archive flying around or an older cd set? I would be interessted in 3.2 and 3.0.

I added the hole search story. So maybe other can easily find a better entry point...

Best Regards

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