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Re: major/minor numbers for puc? adapters on sparc64

martin%duskware.de@localhost wrote:

> sys/arch/sparc64/conf/majors.sparc64 lists them as 36, maybe
> MAKEDEV is confused by the duplicate match:
> tty[0-9]|tty0[0-9]) for ttyZ... and
> tty0*|tty1*|tty[0-9])

If majors.foo has zstty, MI MAKEDEV.tmpl will try to create
compat tty0? -> ttyZ0 symlinks before tty0? entries for com(4).

If we don't want the compat symlinks, we have to add tty[0-9]
entries for com(4) into MD MAKEDEV.conf which will match before
the entry of ttyZ? compat symlinks in MI MAKEDEV.tmpl.
(see etc/etc.cobalt/MAKEDEV.conf)
Izumi Tsutsui

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