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Sensing drive failure prediction would be nice addition to netbsd

I had problems setting up RAIDframe over multiple partitions
on my Sun Ultra 1 and decided to get the OS disk
redundancy via Solaris, which is easy and well documented
and has no gotchas.

As the installer is coming up, I see this on the console:

WARNING: /sbus@1f,0/espdma@e,8400000/esp@e,8800000/sd@1,0 (sd1):
        Error for Command: load/start/stop         Error Level: Informational
        Requested Block: 0                         Error Block: 0
        Vendor: SEAGATE                            Serial Number: 0427690346
        Sense Key: Soft Error
        ASC: 0x5d (drive operation marginal, service immediately (failure prediction thre3

Since installing Solaris 9, I see that on every boot up.
Googling the message reveals dozens of stories of drive
failure shortly thereafter.  This also appears in the messages
log without the truncation you see on my serial console output above.

It would be great if NetBSD could do this detection.  It would move
the value of NetBSD to a higher notch for those of us who
do system administration.


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