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Re: server recomendations

>> Although FreeBSD *does* support SMP, so that might be worth a look.
> That is a thought.  Although, is FreeBSD anything like NetBSD?

My take on it, as someone with a fairly in-depth knowledge of NetBSD
who has worked with Free a little bit, as sysadmin and user but not, so
far, hardcore code hacker:

It's a lot more like NetBSD than, say, OS/360 is...or even than Linux
is.  To the casual user there is little difference; to the sysadmin,
there's a bit more but still not all that much.  It takes an in-depth
sysadmin or a moderately hardcore internals geek - or happening to work
on one of the areas where there are substantial differences - to really
see substantial differences.

That's on i386; I've never tried Free on anything else.  It's entirely
possible sparc64 would present a different face.

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