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-current nfs server problem


there is something broken with nfsd on sparc64 on -current.
On 4.99.22 the nfs server worked fine. I first noticed the
problem with 4.99.34, and it still persists with 4.99.49,
sources updated a few hours ago.
I don't know if this affects other platforms.

Problem number one is that nfsd over udp does not work at
all. I just did a clean reboot of the server, without starting
nfsd in rc. After that, I started nfsd with

        nfsd -u -n 4

No messages were printed, and exit code from the command is 0.
However, after this there are no nfsd processes in the system.
Despite this, is see

        udp 0 0 *.2049 *.*

in netstat -an output. But nfs volumes can't be mounted (well,
no nfsd processes, so I'm not surprised).


        nfsd -t -n 4

does work, and I can also mount nfs volumes from clients.
However, things don't work at all well. I'm trying to build
a new system, with pkgsrc mounted from this server, and
everything hangs up very badlym at least when writing to the
nfs volume. Also large copies from the nfs server to client
stall. I have used NetBSD 4.99.49 and Mac OS X 10.4 as
clients, and both clients fail in similar ways.

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