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Re: Machine livelock with latest (4.99.48) kernel on sparc64

Michael Lorenz wrote:

On Jan 5, 2008, at 03:11, Rafal Boni wrote:

I just rebooted my trusty Netra T1 with a shiny new 4.99.48 kernel and
thought I'd kick off a userland build.  Things seemed to go swimmingly
for a few minutes, then the machine ground to an un-usable state --
userland seems to be mostly non-responsive, though the machine is
pingable, answers a ^T at a tty (well, it seems to be wedged harder
now.. it did for a while after the apparent lockup), and the disk sounds
like progress is being made on the build.

But, I can't get any echo from a tty anymore, and god forbid I should
want to log in ;)

Anyone seeing anything similar?  Should I go back to the last-known-good
kernel for a while? ;)

Are you using lfs? I see something similar on a dual G4 Mac with OBJ and TOOLS on an lfs partition, a userland build reliably triggers it, processes hang solid when accessing stuff on lfs, can't be killed and the fs can't be unmounted.

No lfs here, just bog-standard ffs w/out softdep. But I did have the same issue of unkillable processes (killing them from DDB, since I couldn't get userland response), and when I finally rebooted (again, from DDB) the system hung unmounting the filesystems as well. Good thing the LOM can still kick the box and reboot it ;)


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