Subject: Re: sk(4) on sparc64
To: NetBSD/sparc64 Port <>
From: Holger Weiss <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 10/11/2007 13:03:35
* Kurt Lidl <> [2007-10-10 22:22]:
> An Ultra-80 has 450Mhz cpus, generally.

Yes, that's what I have.

> Did the sk(4) interface, when negotiated at 1000Base-T full-duplex,
> really only achieve 90 megabits/second?

That's what I got while sending from /dev/zero and receiving to
/dev/null with netcat (against a host which does ~900 Mb/s with other
systems on the same switch).  According to both the switch and the
ifconfig(8) output 1000Base-T full-duplex was negotiated just fine.