Subject: Re: Creator3D and 1600x1200x60 resolution
To: Raymond Meyer <>
From: Brian A. Seklecki <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 10/01/2007 14:12:23
It's in in mk.conf(5):


Then use the meta-package.  Results may vary.   I had luck


On Mon, 1 Oct 2007, Raymond Meyer wrote:

> On Mon, 01 Oct 2007 13:55:06 -0400
> "Brian A. Seklecki" <> wrote:
>> On Mon, 2007-10-01 at 13:03 +0000, Raymond Meyer wrote:
>>> rate, since XFree86 does not support changing resolution and refresh
>>> rate for
>> How does linux handle ffbconfig(1M)?  Perhaps we could add support into
>> wscons(4)?  It shouldn't be that hard to port -- but most people would
>> ride with the default openboot prom resolution, then adjust when Xorg
>> starts.
> So has NetBSD switched to Xorg now? Does Xorg support switching resolutions for
> Sun framebuffers?

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