Subject: Xorg (7.1) and keyboard
To: None <>
From: Arto Huusko <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 12/05/2006 23:13:10

I'm trying to get Xorg 7.1 running on sparc64, and I'm more or
less there, but I have a couple of problems with it.

(xorg 6.9 from pkgsrc does not compile nor did current xsrc,
and while we are on pkgsrc, xorg-libs produces libX11 that
knows nothing about locales; happily I could just link
Xorg 7.1 libX11 over the pkgsrc version, and things work)

I'm running this on Ultra5 with machfb, using wscons
on the console, and so forth.

One, Xorg 7.1 compile does not go out of the box on
NetBSD/sparc64. There are some ifdefs where NetBSD needs
to be added, and I've dropped sbus support away to make it
compile at all.

After this I got a working Xserver, but there are two
problems, which I'm hoping are the same problem:

 1. keyboard autorepeat sometimes stucks, and sometimes
    it stucks so bad that it doesn't stop until the
    X server is killed

 2. X freezes completely. This has happened twice while
    typing, so I'm hoping this is a variant of the above.
    Once this happens mouse and keyboard are dead.
    However, there are no processes running wild on the
    system, and the X server can be cleanly killed (well,
    Ctrl+Alt+Backspace does not work, but I can login
    via ssh and then kill X).

I'm wondering whether this all is caused by not using
wskbd in the Xorg config?

And I'm wondering how can I go about using wskbd?
If I set keyboard protocol to wskbd and device to
/dev/wskbd (or /dev/wskbd0), X claims that it can't
open the device (I added errno printing, and the error
is EBUSY, which is not really surprising, given that
the keyboard is attached to console...)

Is the Xorg 7.1 server missing some goo that releases
wskbd from console so X can use it? Or what needs to be
done so that X can open wskbd?

Is the only option to disable wscons on the console?