Subject: Re: 802.1q tagging Ultra5
To: <>
From: Eric Schnoebelen <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 02/01/2006 22:35:39 writes:
- I have 2 Sun Ultra 5 boat anchors.  I wish to use these boxes as
- test routers for purposes of doing BGP and OSPF with my Cisco
- Lab.
- 1.)	I'm having very hard time finding information on configuring
-	802.1q tagging and Vlan interfaces on NetBSD.
-	Can someone help me find a man page or doc that explains
-	this process?

	802.1q vlan support has been in NetBSD since at least
1.6.  Look at the vlan(4) manual page for the bits needed for
the kernel configuration, and at ifconfig(8), in  particular at
the vlan and vlanif arguments to ifconfig.

	FYI: I've been successfully using the vlan interfaces
connected to Cisco 2924's in trunking mode for 405 days (the
current uptime of the system using vlans.. :)  Probably
considerably longer..

-	I have no experience mucking
-	with the kernel.  I hope this is not necessary as I may
-	need yet another pointer to ``how-to-tweak'' the kernel.

	As of 3.0 (maybe earlier) GENERIC includes the vlan(4)
pseudo interfaces.  

	If your kernel doesn't, copy the respective line into
your kernel's configuration and reboot.

- 2.)	Is anyone aware of a ``how to''  or best practice for
-	building a router using NetBSD.  Perhaps a document to suggest
-	what to strip out of the build?

	I would say that you probably only need the base and etc
sets, unless you expect to build the routing software in use from
scratch. Then you'll need the compilers. (comp)

	As to stripping the kernel, it's probably not required,
as unused drivers aren't left in the code path. But, you could
go through and strip out any device drivers that you don't
expect to use.

Eric Schnoebelen
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