Subject: Re: X11 on Ultra 5
To: Michael <>
From: Vicky Staubly <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 12/23/2005 16:36:17
On Fri, 23 Dec 2005, Michael wrote:
>> What is the appropriate method for setting up X11 on an Ultra 5? I
>> tried xf86cfg and also "X -configure". This gets X working with single
>> resolution of 640x480. Do I need to hack the config file by hand to
>> get other resolutions?
> Short answer - yes.
> Long answer - have a look at the "screen" section:
> This one would give you 1152x876 in 24 bit. ( provided you use the
> onboard ATI Rage and it happens to be the Pro variant with 4MB VRAM. The
> older 2MB Rage II would run out of VRAM trying to display this )
> Adapting this to other resolutions is straight forward - change
> DefaultDepth and the corresponding "Display" SubSection. ( and
> DeviceName should match your Device section of course )

How can I tell the difference between the Pro and non-Pro? I have
a pair of Ultra 5's that are currently running Solaris 9, and was
thinking about trying NetBSD 3.0-something on one of them.

Vicky Staubly