Subject: Re: Creator3D support on Ultra2
To: None <>
From: Gert Doering <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 09/19/2004 12:13:19
R. Tyler Ballance wrote:

>> 2. I'd like to get X up and running on the machine. I'm a HAM radio 
>> operator, and I'd like to use the Sparc to set up an APRS (Amateur 
>> Position Reporting System) Digipeater and mailbox, running XASTIR.

>I've gotten X working no problem, i've had _some_ framebuffer problems, but
>i've run Enlightenment and Fluxbox without a problem, along with some apps
>like Moz, etc.

Cool.  I'm very much interested in how you did this - I have a Ultra10
here, also with Creator3D graphics card, but Xsun only tells me "no
screens found"...

The machine actually has two graphics cards - kernel bootup says:

ATI Technologies 3D Rage I/II (VGA display, revision 0x9a) at pci1 dev 2 function 0 not configured
SUNW,ffb at mainbus0 addr 0xfebee000 not configured

... but, as I said, Xsun won't find anything.

(This is NetBSD 2.0 beta, Xsun built from xsrc, both built from the
"-r netbsd-2-0" sources on August 20, 2004).

NB: what exactly does the "not configured" line from "dmesg" tell me?


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