Subject: Re: Front panel power button
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 04/21/2003 22:56:59
>>> [...power button...pci machines...sbus machines...]
[Martin Husemann, quoting Manuel Bouyer]

>> Well, I hope that the default behavior of this button won't be power
>> down.  It's a bit too easy to hit, I think :)

So use a type-3 or a type-4, which don't _have_ power buttons. :)

> Actually it is (and as far as I can tell always has been).

Well, if you're talking about the keyboard power button..."it depends".

I scrounged around in my Sun keyboard collection until I found one
recent enough to have a power button on it.  I plugged it into an LX
(admittedly not a sparc64, but it has soft power).  The power button
worked to turn it on, but once the kernel was running the power button
just showed up as an ordinary key with keycode 0x30; it didn't do
anything the OS didn't make it do.  I suppose the sparc64 hardware
_could_ be handlnig it differently, but I have trouble imagining how.

Incidentally, does anyone know what the hardware is like?  The machine
isn't just keeping the keyboard fully powered up at all times (at least
not when I use a type-3 keyboard with it; the mouse doesn't light), but
it must be running _something_ off standby power.  The pinout I have
for the miniDIN-8 keyboard connector uses all eight pins, but it shows
two Vcc pins, two ground pins, and a transmit pin for the mouse, which
means there are three wires that could be reclaimed....

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