Subject: Re: CDROM drives
To: Geoff Blake <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 01/25/2003 15:33:04
Geoff Blake said:

>> Apart from the fact that U5s have no SCSI ...

I put a SymBIOS SCSI card in my U5 and it sees the external 18gig fine.
Also, the PROM can see the external disk and will be able to boot from a
SCSI drive. 

My next plan is to remove the internal 4gig IDE drive and replace it with
an 18gig SCSI. It will be easy since I already have all the important
stuff on the external drive. And toss in some more memory.

>Apologies, I have never played with non-scsi Sun kit - bit of a down
>market move?  Could you not put a AH2940 scsi card in to boot it...or
>netboot it from another machine? 

There are various SymBIOS and LSI Logic cards that should work quite

The U1 I just got should be fairly interesting. It's a 200E with 256megs,
2 9gig drives, and CD. The site sells this for $195
with a 1 year warranty on the hardware and free shipping. This one is going
to be running Solaris 8, but if it works well I'm going to order another
one next week to run NetBSD/sparc64 and replace this P200 that I'm typing

Rick Kelly