Subject: Re: Help with CDRom install.
To: None <port-sparc64@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Craig Eales <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 10/12/2002 14:19:09
boot cdrom:b did not improve matters.

So I downloaded a fresh image - and now I get the following

ok boot cdrom
Boot device: /sbus/espdma@e,8400000/esp@e,8800000/sd@6,0:f  File and args:
Short disk read
The file just loaded does not appear to be executable.

if I try (b)

ok boot cdrom:b
Boot device: /sbus/espdma@e,8400000/esp@e,8800000/sd@6,0:b  File and args:
Fast Data Access MMU Miss

probe-scsi gives

ok probe-scsi
Target 0
  Unit 0   Disk     FUJITSU MAG3182L SUN18G 1111
Target 6
  Unit 0   Removable Read Only device    TOSHIBA XM5701TASUN12XCD0997

My nvram vars are:
ok printenv
Variable Name         Value                          Default Value

tpe-link-test?        true                           true
scsi-initiator-id     7                              7
keyboard-click?       false                          false
sbus-probe-list       012                            012
ttyb-rts-dtr-off      false                          false
ttyb-ignore-cd        true                           true
ttya-rts-dtr-off      false                          false
ttya-ignore-cd        true                           true
ttyb-mode             9600,8,n,1,-                   9600,8,n,1,-
ttya-mode             9600,8,n,1,-                   9600,8,n,1,-
mfg-mode              off                            off
diag-level            max                            max
#power-cycles         76
system-board-serial#  5012994043169
fcode-debug?          false                          false
output-device         screen                         screen
input-device          keyboard                       keyboard
load-base             16384                          16384
boot-command          boot                           boot
auto-boot?            true                           true
watchdog-reboot?      true                           false
diag-device           net                            net
boot-file             kernel/sparcv9/unix
boot-device           disk                           disk net
local-mac-address?    false                          false
ansi-terminal?        true                           true
screen-#columns       80                             80
screen-#rows          34                             34
silent-mode?          false                          false
use-nvramrc?          false                          false
nvramrc               devalias net1 /sbus/SUNW ...
security-mode         none
security-#badlogins   0
oem-logo?             false                          false
oem-banner?           false                          false
diag-switch?          false                          false

Anybody got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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> i believe that "boot cdrom:b" works with this image?