Subject: Re: some questions
To: Karl Pitrich <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 09/14/2002 22:46:50
> the fstab is correct. (afaik from openbsd and linux)
> all devices correspond to intended mount points.

> when it tries to remount rw at boot time, it complains that fstab and
> real mount device differ.  (i forgot the exact msg)

Then your fstab likely is _not_ correct.  It would greatly help if you
could post the full boot messages - I'd especially want to see the
device autoconfig messages and the bootpath and root-on lines, but
rather than trying to trim it down, it's often best to post the whole
thing.  (Serial console is often the most convenient way to capture
boot messages.)  In this case I'd also want to see the exact fstab
contents, too, and preferably disklabel output for the boot drive.

>>> i cant get into dev config mode with -c
>> I don't understand this question.
> hm, sorry. it seems the kernel ignores the -c boot parameter,
> so i canot start the device configuration.

Well, yeah, the kernel ignores unrecognized boot parameters.  Why would
you think -c would do anything, and what is this "device configuration"
you expect it to start?  Are you confusing NetBSD with some other OS?
(This is rather a stab in the dark; I have no experience with any
others that run on sparc64 hardware except a little bit of Solaris, and
I don't think Solaris does anything with -c; the option my memory
dredges up for messing with devices is -r.  Solaris's -r has no analog
on NetBSD because the way devices are handled is drastically

>>> init: Creating mfs /dev
>> It really seems you have a partial (aborted) installation.
>> How did you install ?
> [...]

Well, it sure looks as though whatever you did didn't set up /dev.
I'll let someone who knows the sparc64 installer better than I address
this part.

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