Subject: Alignment error
To: None <>
From: Sung-Won Chung <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 07/03/2002 23:16:54

After installing 20020526-1.6A snapshot, I tried to compile some packages,
since NetBSD/sparc binary was not executed. Some packages (xfig, lyx) needed
simple modification to prevent gcc internal compile error 'emit_move_insn_1' 
the compilation of some packages produced unexecutable binaries.
I think this problem is sparc64-specific, since the compilation of
the same package on i386 or alpha doesn't make internal compile error
or alignemnt error.

For example, when I run olvwm and mosaic, I got console error message and
the program stopped with bus error.

  Jul  2 10:06:35 ultra1 /netbsd: Alignment error: pid=21955 comm=olvwm 
  0000:00800005 dsfar=ffffffff:ffffcf9c isfsr=00000000:00000000 pc=406689ac

  Jul  3 11:07:22 ultra1 /netbsd: Alignment error: pid=27274 comm=Mosaic 
  00000:00800005 dsfar=ffffffff:ffffb8ac isfsr=00000000:00000000 pc=41097788

Is there any possible way to escape this error ?



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