Subject: Re: 420R fails to boot
To: None <>
From: Kenny Root <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 11/05/2001 17:03:04
On 5 Nov 2001 wrote:

> Do a `.trap-registers'.  Look at the TPC values.  I expect it died in the
> PROM (address 0xf000000 or so).  Newer machines often have buggy PROMs which
> don't allow replacing a mapping without removing it first (which tends to be
> a pain if you're executing from that mapping).  Try a -current kernel and
> ofwboot.

Yep.  With the new ofwboot and netbsd (binery build from -current in the directory), it died at

>> NetBSD/sparc64 OpenFirmware Boot, Revision
>> (, Sat Aug 19 02:35:03 EST 2000)
Using BOOTPARAMS protocol: ip address: 10.xx.xx.xx, hostname: netbsdtest
root addr=10.xx.xx.xx path=/install/netbsd/NetBSD-1.5.2/sparc64/root
loadfile: reading header
elf64_exec: Booting /pci@1f,4000/network@1,1/netbsd
symbols @ 0xfef86300 74+321936+171403 start=0x1000000
chain: calling OF_chain(800000, ef18, 1000000, 139b60, 18)
[ using 494192 bytes of netbsd ELF symbol table ]
Fast Data Access MMU Miss
{0} ok .trap-registers
%TL:1 %TT:68 %TPC:100c8c4 %TnPC:100c8b8
%TSTATE:1603  %CWP:3
   %PSTATE:16 AG:0 IE:1 PRIV:1 AM:0 PEF:1 RED:0 MM:0 TLE:0 CLE:0 MG:0 IG:0
   %ASI:0  %CCR:0  XCC:nzvc   ICC:nzvc

%TL:2 %TT:68 %TPC:f0003048 %TnPC:f000304c
%TSTATE:4458041403  %CWP:3
   %PSTATE:414 AG:0 IE:0 PRIV:1 AM:0 PEF:1 RED:0 MM:0 TLE:0 CLE:0 MG:1 IG:0
   %ASI:58  %CCR:44  XCC:nZvc   ICC:nZvc

%TL:3 %TT:1ff %TPC:fffffffffffffffc %TnPC:fffffffffffffffc
%TSTATE:810001503  %CWP:3
   %PSTATE:15 AG:1 IE:0 PRIV:1 AM:0 PEF:1 RED:0 MM:0 TLE:0 CLE:0 MG:0 IG:0
   %ASI:10  %CCR:8  XCC:nzvc   ICC:Nzvc

%TL:4 %TT:1ff %TPC:fffffffffffffffc %TnPC:fffffffffffffffc
%TSTATE:23900a6105  %CWP:5
   %PSTATE:a61 AG:1 IE:0 PRIV:0 AM:0 PEF:0 RED:1 MM:1 TLE:0 CLE:1 MG:0 IG:1
   %ASI:90  %CCR:23  XCC:nzVc   ICC:nzVC

%TL:5 %TT:1ff %TPC:fffffffffffffffc %TnPC:fffffffffffffffc
%TSTATE:6f40c5804  %CWP:4
   %PSTATE:c58 AG:0 IE:0 PRIV:0 AM:1 PEF:1 RED:0 MM:1 TLE:0 CLE:0 MG:1 IG:1
   %ASI:f4  %CCR:6  XCC:nzvc   ICC:nZVc

{0} ok

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