Subject: Re: sun4u-5 boot hangs...
To: Andrei Petrov <>
From: Grey Wolf <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 10/25/2000 12:29:39
On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, Andrei Petrov wrote:

# On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, Greywolf wrote:
# > 
# > This is the 20000823 kernel.  I hear that, supposedly, one was built more
# > recently than that; could someone point me to it?  It's not under
# >*/arch/sparc64!
# > 
# I agree, it would be nice to have new snapshot or just newer kernel
# there. Meanwhile you can cross build that which is fairly easy on
# netbsd host(assuming that you have updated syssrc and gnusrc). Also I'm
# volunteering in this area;-), send me your config or if you wish GENERIC 
# just say that, I'll e-mail it to you. 

Well, I'm not sure how to set tools up to cross-build a (64-bit)
kernel.  Last I heard there were some serious problems with that.


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