Subject: booting from ultra1
To: None <>
From: Jonathan O'Brien <>
List: port-sparc64
Date: 04/18/2000 11:56:57
I'd like to install netbsd onto an ultra1 E. It's my understanding
that the fas chip isn't supported, so can I use an esp based card
and boot off that instead?

If so...will these boot strap proceedures work:

	1. boot solaris
	2. format and newfs target disk on esp controller
	3. install netbsd bootblk in arch/kernels/1.4U using solaris
	4. cp arch/kernels/1.4U(or X) netbsd and ofwboot to target disk's root
	5. dd miniroot.fs from current sparc snapshot to target disk's swap
	6. halt solaris and boot target_disk /ofwboot -as
	7. fill in the blanks and install the sparc snapshot.