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Re: Using pkgin on NetBSD 8.0

I did similar when I was toying with Gentoo on my SS20... I built it in a 32bit chroot on a sparc64 machine. I imagine the same would be viable here and potentially the easiest option for NetBSD. I did run into some issues I never solved though ie python would crash after running for a long time on the SS20 itself... so never could really emerge large packages on the SS20 directly. But I could build things in the chroot on the newer machine to run on it just fine.

I would suggest not bothering with cross compilation is very prone to issues unless the toolchain you are using is tested in that configuration. QEMU on a fast amd64 machine running NetBSD sparc32 might be an option also as mentioned. Note with distcc you still have to deal with the slow machine as the host. QEMU should perform somewhere around a high end sun4m to an Ultra 1 speed wise or maybe a little better. chroot or emulator are the least error prone ways to go... 

This should give you an idea of how to setup a netbsd chroot Creating a Pbulk Chroot it's a little different than Gentoo of course since gentoo is basically just a tarballed root image anyway.

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