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Re: fpstate stack alignment

The stack (and framepointer) seem to be fine, e851acb0 and e851ae20 resp.,
but the code generated for fpu_init is strange:

   0xe8010420 <fpu_init>:       save  %sp, -368, %sp
   0xe8010424 <fpu_init+4>:     st  %i0, [ %fp + 0x44 ]
   0xe8010428 <fpu_init+8>:     sethi  %hi(0xe0000), %g1
   0xe801042c <fpu_init+12>:    st  %g1, [ %fp + -140 ]
   0xe8010430 <fpu_init+16>:    add  %fp, -268, %g1
   0xe8010434 <fpu_init+20>:    mov  %g1, %o0
   0xe8010438 <fpu_init+24>:    call  0xe800876c <savefpstate>
   0xe801043c <fpu_init+28>:    nop 

and 0x10c (268) makes it misaligned.


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