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Re: Free SPARC hardware

Just an update, I have enough interest in this hardware that I should
ask that everyone hold off on any more inquiries.

I'm going to give the NetBSD folks first shot at some of this stuff,
then I'll release a full inventory of what I have available.

I'm also booting everything up, and wiping SCSI drives and verifying
the systems are in good working order (aside from dead NVRAM).

I'll make another post with the inventory once that is complete.  I
have already started working on the hardware this evening, and hope to
have it online by Monday.



On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 12:29 PM, Dan Oglesby <danielmoglesby%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> Greetings,
> Due to changes around the home, I need to let go of some older
> hardware to make space.
> I have a good collection of 32-bit SPARC machines, and two very nice
> 64-bit SPARC systems that I'd like to donate to anyone who could use
> them, as well as loads of working SCSI drives of all types (50-pin,
> 68-pin, 80-pin), cables, keyboards, mice, extra framebuffers, etc.
> (1) SPARCStation 2
> (1) SPARCStation IPC
> (5) SPARCStation 5
> (3) SPARCStation 20
> (2) Ultra2
> As with most SPARCs of this vintage, most have dead or dying NVRAM batteries.
> I can get more details about any of the equipment to anyone
> interested.  I'd prefer to have this picked up, but I may be able to
> deliver based on distance from Rockford, IL, USA.
> In addition to the SPARC hardware, I have some good external SCSI hard
> drive cases and CD-ROM drives, as well as various external SCSI tape
> drives.
> I'm not in a huge rush to clear space, but would like to find homes
> for all this stuff before June.  Anything left after that will most
> likely be recycled.
> Thanks!
> --Dan

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