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NTP 64-bit macros only in kern_ntptime.c?

While reading a note on the NTP list about the frequency averaging interval parameter (PPS_FAVGDEF) I came across this message at the top of kern_ntptime.c:

 * Adapted from the original sources for FreeBSD and timecounters by:
 * Poul-Henning Kamp <phk%FreeBSD.org@localhost>.
 * The 32bit version of the "LP" macros seems a bit past its "sell by"
 * date so I have retained only the 64bit version and included it directly
 * in this file.
 * Only minor changes done to interface with the timecounters over in
 * sys/kern/kern_clock.c.   Some of the comments below may be (even more)
 * confusing and/or plain wrong in that context.

Do these come into play in all code related to NTP (including the compiled ntpd binary itself)? I ask because I'm using an IPX which is most certainly not a 64-bit machine and it might explain some of my mysterious problems with ntpd (strange overflows and the like).

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