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Re: SCSI port type

On 12/14/2012 16:02, Ken Hornstein wrote:
Does anyone recall what type (i.e. HV or LV and SE or Diff, it's most
likely SE) the on-board SCSI ports are for the IPX and SS20?  I've got a
few of the Multipack enclosures (I think the 711) that accept SCA drives
and has two 68-pin SCSI ports on the back. The drives I have are all
LVD.(originally intended for an A1000 but are too tall for it).

It's been a billion years since I've seen one of those systems, but
I seem to vaguely remember those are the old, 50-pin SE interfaces.
Did they have SE-Low Voltage?  I don't remember that.

Well I've got two IPXes and one SS20. :) The SS20 is my controller for two A1000's and the nfs server for four 220R's.

I also have three 711 Multipacks that I want to use (and enough LVD drives to fill them) though at least one Multipack will probably reside on another system. I'm pretty sure that the differential drives could be run single ended so it's mainly a matter of figuring out the bus voltage (LVD S-Bus cards are hard to find).

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