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Re: 6.0_BETA observations

On Aug 22, 12:26am, "John D. Baker" wrote:
} I'm making my first foray into running netbsd-6 on my hoarde of sparc
} boxes, starting with my "big" workstation (SS5, 110MHz, 256MB, cgsix).
} Although most of my sparc will use serial console only, a few will have
} a framebuffer console.  Video console handling is much improved over
} netbsd-5 (where it was basically unusable due to freezing some random
} time after login).
} As I was simply updating over a copy of my old netbsd-5 install (NFS),
} I was glad to see that it "Just Worked"(tm).  I did an appreciable
} amount of work at the console finishing the upgrade and adjusting things.
} No stuck console.
} Since wscons is turned on by default now, I set out to finish enabling
} it on my installation.  The result was not what I expected, though.
} Running '/etc/rc.d/wscons start' handled the default/console/ttyE0
} well enough, then three iterations of the following line:
}    wsconscfg: WSDISPLAYIO_ADDSCREEN: Device not configured
} followed by a line indicating that ttyE4 was added without problems.
} "Stop-Fn" for "2<n<4" didn't do anything, but "n=1, n=5" switched to
} the appropriate console.

     Try adding this to GENERIC and rebuilding it:

# allocate a number of virtual screens at autoconfiguration time

If that does it, then we'll need to do it in the main codebase.

}-- End of excerpt from "John D. Baker"

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