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Re: ntpd wedged by libc?

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 05:55, AGC <agcarver+netbsd%acarver.net@localhost> 
> Finally got it all installed.  That was an interesting exercise but useful.
>  I ended up having to NFS mount another machine so I would have enough disk
> space to hold all the sources.  The internal drive on the IPX is only 1.2 GB
> so it doesn't have much free space.
> Looks like the new library took (I hope).  Nothing is complaining so I think
> it's ok.

You can be more confident if you grab another recent ntp-dev tarball
(p259 is nice) and configure without --enable-c99-snprintf, build and
install it, and subject it to the ntpq -p every 5 seconds regime.

Dave Hart

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