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Re: IPX system crash (no log data)

On 10/4/2011 22:55, AGC wrote:
On 10/3/2011 21:03, ..I'd rather be coding ASM! wrote:

How about a terminal program (tip, putty, minicom, telix, JrComm, etc..)
with a massive scroll back buffer logging to disk and let it run?

Have you tried provoking it with heavy network, or memory usage, or disk

I have an IPX with a weitek powerUp! cpu + rom that was aaround 2003
getting a bit on the unstable side with similar lock-ups. I ended up
de-soldering and re-capping the entire board + PSU, and thus far touch
wood it's not sneezed.

Another thing that may be worth thinking about is an expect script or
perl script driving the serial device that'll send escape sequences

So it crashed in a day this time. I tried to get the ctrace data but it
was taking forever to transcribe so I decided to scrap that for the
moment and rebuild the kernel with debugging turned on including console
messages and every other debugging feature enabled. I'll use that one
and see what happens. At least I'll have a symbol table so I'm not
staring at a list of jumps and calls.

Crash in less than a day. I was in the middle of compiling the new kernel with debugging enabled when it bombed.

This time I just captured the ctrace data though I still intend to compile the debugging kernel. I'm hoping some of you can help me make sense of the ctrace dump. The interesting thing is that it fails in exactly the same spot. The PC always stops at ffeaf538 the last three times that I was able to do a ctrace. I don't remember if the other instructions are identical but I know the PC is.

PC: ffeaf538
Last leaf: jmpl  ffeaf50c       from f0275e98
        0 w %o0-%o5: ( f0005060 ffeff000       a1 ffeed000   1da135      f00 )

call f0275e48   from f028e39c
        1 w %o0-%o5: ( f37ae200 f0347c00 2cde6424 f0352800        0 f0352800 )

jmpl ffeaf50c   from f02763e8
        2 w %o0-%o5: ( f37ae200       38   4ba55c f038d2e8     ffff       40 )

call f02762a8   from f02753bc
        3 w %o0-%o5: ( f37ae1c0        1 f0002000        0        0        8 )

jmpl f0275380   from f0006990
        4 w %o0-%o5: (        0 f0275380      f00 908010a2        0        1 )

call 103f4560   from 103c35c4
        5 w %o0-%o5: (        0 3e10d114 e2fa73d9 3e10d112 105da00c 105d100c )

call 103f2808   from 103b5c24
        6 w %o0-%o5: ( 105da000     2c9a 105e527c efffdb0c 1052a0b4 fffe6a7e )

call 103f3c9c   from 103b3154
        7 w %o0-%o5: ( 10600004 efffdaf0        3        2 efffdcd0    1de51 )

call 103f393c   from 103230bc
        8 w %o0-%o5: ( efffe610 efffe6d0        0 1052a0b4 efffdbd0    7fbdd )

call a0b04      from 23af4
        9 w %o0-%o5: ( efffe6f5       ab    7fbd8 3ff05628 f5c28f5c      c00 )

call 23a60      from 24ad8
        a w %o0-%o5: (       1d    a8188        1        0        0    a5000 )

call 24684      from 27444
        b w %o0-%o5: (       22    a7fd8        0        0 efffe8b4 1053e2b1 )

jmpl f0355800   from 26644
        c w %o0-%o5: ( 1051f000        0       10     2000        0 1051f068 )

call 26234      from 3558c
        d w %o0-%o5: ( 1051f000        0        0        0 f36789a0    a9400 )

jmpl f0355800   from 22bf8
        e w %o0-%o5: ( 1051f000    8d400        0        0        4        2 )

call 2309c      from 13814
        f w %o0-%o5: (    f3000    f2400 efffedf8 6ffffffb 100beff0    f2400 )

call 1375c      from 1374c
       10 w %o0-%o5: (        2 efffedec efffedf8 100a4328 100c3200 effffff0 )

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