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Re: Re (2): Boot partition sizes


> So given an external 18 GB disk on my SS 2, currently 
> having "ROM Rev. 2.4.1", this part layout is a good bet?
> (1 GB boot & system)
> (5 GB /home)
> (6 GB extension of home connected by soft link)
> (another 6 GB extension of home connected by soft link)

I have updated my SS2 to 5.1 RC3.  The root partition (/) takes 51MB and /usr
takes 442MB.  I also have /usr/pkg with 531MB used (131 packages).  So, your
1GB for boot and system might be a bit tight if you install lots of packages.
You could shrink that to 750MB and add 500-750MB for /usr/pkg.



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