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Re (2): installing NetBSD on a Sparcstation 2.

From:    "Aaron J. Grier" <agrier%poofygoof.co.@localhost>
Date:    Mon, 12 Jul 2010 17:31:39 -0700
> is there a reason netboot is not being mentioned?

Right oh.  dnsmasq is running on a linux server already.  From 
the manual it should provide BOOTP.  It works up to this.

Booting netbsd
Trying BOOTP protocol... bootp: no reply
Trying BOOTPARAMS protocol... ip address
  bootparamd: 'whoami' call failed

My /etc/dnsmasq.conf has this.

There are several other parameters which I don't really 
understand.  For example; 

              When all the given network-ids  match  the  set  of  network-ids
              derived  from the net, host, vendor and user classes, always use
              broadcast to communicate with the host when it is  unconfigured.
              Most  DHCP  clients  which  need broadcast replies set a flag in
              their requests so that  this  happens  automatically,  some  old
              BOOTP clients do not.

Is dhcp-broadcast or another parameter needed?  Is the 
problem elsewhere?  

Incidentally, this Web mailer lacks a user inserted In-reply-to.

Thanks,            ... Peter E.


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