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installing NetBSD on a Sparcstation 2.

At 1530843 bytes, the 5.0.2 Sparc installer disk2 
is too big to fit on a diskette.  I see these 
choices for installing on the Sparc 2.

* Try to make and use the NetBSD-5.1RC3 Sparc 
  installer diskettes.

* Use a CD.
  I have a Yamaha Model CRW4260tx external SCSI 
  drive.  I have Debian but no working NetBSD 
  system.  I can try to compile mksunbootcd in 
  a Debian system, make a 5.0.2 CD and try to 
  boot the Sparc 2 from the Yamaha drive.  
  According to sparc/INSTALL.* the drive might not 
  be recognized.
  Incidentally, http://www.ebsinc.com/solaris/suncdrom.html 
  is cited in */sparc/INSTALL.* but does not exist.
* Remove the internal drive containing the swap 
  partition, connect it to a Debian system and 
  attempt to install the bootable file system.  
  If that works, reinstall the drive and proceed 
  with the installation.
Anyone care to suggest which of these options is 
liable to be the most efficient?  Or perhaps I 
should say "the least dicey".

Thanks,            ... Peter E.

Carnot is down, waiting for installation of NetBSD.
Personal site works;  http://members.shaw.ca/peasthope/ .

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