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Re: anyone uses floppy on sun4m?

Just FYI,

> >    > i seem to have a floppy drive in my ss20 with supersparc.
> >    > 
> >    > i'll find some floppies and test it out... that may take a few days.
> >    
> >    After a large set of try-and-errors, the following patch
> >    seems to make floppy work on my SS20.
> >    I'm not sure if comment about AUXIO4M_FTC is correct or not, though.
> > 
> > i'll give it a go with and without your patch as soon as i locate
> > some working floppies :)
> I'm so stupid that I've bought SS5 (200yen+postage) to test fd. 8-)
> It just works with and without auxreg.h patch.

I'm still a paranoia so that I also bought a SuperSPARC 60MHz
MBus module (500yen+tax) at a junkshop. ;-)

Then, it turns out that floppy on SS20 with the SuperSPARC
does NOT work without auxreg.h patch, and it does work with the patch.
Oh well.

Probably it's a SS20 specific problem, not hyperSPARC...
Izumi Tsutsui

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