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re: NetBSD 5.0 and SPARCstation 5 not a lucky combination

   > So, I'd like to see the wscons kernel configuration in -current  
   > GENERIC pulled up to the netbsd-5 release branch. Mr. Portmaster,  
   > can you please do the honors and make the necessary requests of our  
   > release engineering team?
   Not sure that makes all that much sense - we need a few more changes  
   for that ( mostly in /etc/ttys and such ) and 5.1 will be branched  
   pretty soon - since it's going to branch from -current it will just  
   inherit wscons.

i think you may have misunderstood something i said.

netbsd 5.1 'src' will come from netbsd-5 branch.  so, pullups
need to happen for the kernel.

we do want to re-branch 'xsrc' for netbsd 5.1, if we can get it
into a state we're happy with, but this is still not a known


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