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Re: NetBSD 5.0 and SPARCstation 5 not a lucky combination

> I've seen some video/graphics strangeness on an SS20 (SM81 85 MHz
> SuperSPARC-II CPU) with 8MB VSIMM (SX/cg14), and a SPARC LX (50 MHz
> microSPARC-I CPU) with 1MB VSIMM (cg6); [...] I see three or four
> small copies of the screen in the top half of the monitor, and the
> lower half is a magnified copy of what was on the console, but
> garbled; there also appear to be giant letters in the background
> (larger still than the lower half text).

This is what I see on the cg14 (SS20 with VSIMM) when different pieces
of the system disagree about whether the framebuffer is 8bpp or 32bpp.
The multiple small copies occur when the hardware switches from 8bpp to
32bpp; the converse produces the corrupted large copies.  I've never
seen anything that produces both at once, though, and I've never seen
it on a cg6, so this may not actually be related.  (I _have_ had cg6s
wedge, when software doesn't drain the command queue often enough.)

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