Subject: Re: LX keyboard trouble?
To: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
From: Brian Buhrow <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 03/17/2007 15:54:16
	What if you set output-device=screen
does that fix things when input-device=keyboard!
When you power cycle the LX with the keyboard plugged in, do you get the
beep when it first powers up?  Do the lights flash?  If not, check the
fuses on the motherboard.   I think it might be possible that the serial
connection works, if forced, while the prom may not realize the keyboard is
there if it can't get power through.

	If that's not it, check the rom revs on your two lx's.  Perhaps the
one on your working LX is newer than the one you're trying to use, and thus
your original supposition that it doesn't like the type 3 keyboard is
correct for some versions of the prom.

On Mar 17,  5:49pm, der Mouse wrote:
} Subject: LX keyboard trouble?
} I've got a SS5 off in another city which I'd like to replace with an LX
} (because the 5's framebuffer can't do anything over 1152x900 while the
} LX has the VSIMM and can do 1280x1024, and I'd like to use it with a
} flatscreen that's not really usable except at 1280x1024).
} So I brought the LX over, transferred the data, and then moved the
} keyboard and monitor over...and it didn't work.
} On connecting to ttya on the LX, I found that the ROM code is giving
} "no keyboard dewtected" messages on POST.  I found that by setting
} input-device to "keyboard!" instead of "keyboard" I could override this
} and make it take input from the keyboard, but when I do that it still
} won't send output to the framebuffer.  keyboard! is a devalias for the
} regular keyboard device with :forcemode appended, presumably meaning
} "use it even if it looks broken", presumably for unattended boot
} without a keyboard attached; I tried setting output-device to
} /sbus/cgsix:forcemode, just in case it worked for framebuffers too, but
} no joy.  I also tried turning off diag-switch?, in case it had some
} kind of special-case effects, but that didn't help either.
} It's not that there's something fundamentally broken with the keyboard
} hardware on the LX; that LX worked with a keyboard at home, and I know
} both the input hardware and output hardware are working, the input side
} because keyboard input works if I use input-device=keyboard! with
} output-device=ttya, the output side because I get the "I don't know
} keyboard layout ff" message even upon warm reset, which means that it's
} sending the "reset and send me your layout" command to the keyboard
} successfully.  And the keyboard itself is good; I've switched it back
} and forth between the LX and the 5 some five or ten times, am using it
} right now, and it works fine on the 5.
} The only thing I could think was that the LX doesn't like the type-3,
} because the keyboard I want to use it with is a type-3 but the keyboard
} that worked at home was a compact 5 (which I got with my Voyager).  But
} then I remembered that my desk machine at work is an LX with a type-3
} and it's always Just Worked, which leaves me without a plausible theory
} for what could be causing the problems, and no ideas for making it
} work.  (I can use keyboard! to make it take input from the keyboard,
} but it still doesn't enable video output from the framebuffer - it may
} well be sending output there that I just can't see, but that's not much
} use.)
} Anyone have any suggestions, thoughts, etc?
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