Subject: Re: compiling php5 out of memory problem
To: doomwarrior <>
From: Heitzso <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/23/2006 09:22:19
> >
> > 3.0, last updated about half a year ago
> >
> > I'm finding some VM tuning references on the internet
> > that talk about per process memory limits.  I haven't
> > read/digested that info yet.  I'll post to this list
> > what comes of that.
> >
> >   
> ok, because your SS20 has nearly the same configuration like mine.
> There was a problem if you use full memory config on a sun4m system.
> This can cause panics or strange problems on systems with more memory.
> This is fixed in 3.1 or 4. But if your system runs stable, you could try 
> this patch
> and build a custom kernel version.
> change the NKMEMPAGES_MAX_DEFAULT in src/sys/arch/sparc/include/param.h to:
> #define NKMEMPAGES_MAX_DEFAULT  ((32 * 1024 * 1024) >> PAGE_SHIFT)
> This solves my problem with my box, so I hope your problem too.

Turns out I was running current from last Feb or so and already had that
NKMEMPAGES line in my kernel.  I'm upgrading /usr/src current and will
recompile to see if a current kernel GENERIC.MP can handle the PHP5
update without choking on the 64M memory allocation.