Subject: Re: Cannot load netbsd 2.0 installation kernel on sparc SS1+ with
To: Greywolf <>
From: Christian Smith <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 05/05/2005 10:10:47
On Wed, 4 May 2005, Greywolf wrote:

>[Thus spake Jonathan Groll ("JG: ") 11:10pm...]
>JG: I can't seem to find a reference that will tell me what a "/Cannot load
>JG: netbsd: error=27"/ means. Is it lack of RAM as I suspect? If so, if I
>JG: max out this machine to 40MB (is that the max?) do you think that will
>JG: be sufficient RAM?
><sys/errno.h> says:
>#define	EFBIG	27	/* File too large */
>JG: Cannot load netbsd: error=27
>JG: Thanks in advance for any insights you may have,
>JG: Jonathan Groll.
>Sounds like it's trying to load a kernel which is larger than
>4MB, though I've forgotten exactly why this particular number
>poses a problem...

I think it's because the RAM has to be contiguous, and with 4MB banks, the
prom can't load the kernel into a single bank. Isn't there a
netbsd-INSTALL kernel with options trimmed out?

OP, what is your memory configuration? 4x4MB banks?


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