Subject: Re: 24bit display problem
To: None <>
From: Petri Numminen <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 08/01/2003 20:32:24
der Mouse wrote:
> For what values of "work"?

To work in this case values ability to use 24-bit color palette for X. 
Not for console use.

> For X, it's comparatively simple to make it work with Xsun24.  However,
> that is slow; it's roughly 1/4 the speed of unaccelerated 8-bit Xsun
> (it's shipping four times as many bits back and forth when doing
> copies).  The S24 hardware does support multiple depths on the screen
> at once, and I built an X server that does so.  I think jdc was working
> on integrating this into NetBSD's xsrc, but recently (2003-07-23) wrote
> to the list

Speed is not always the most important factor.

> If anyone is interested in trying to beat jdc to it :-), or just wants
> to use my server, I'll be happy to pass out more copies of what I've
> done.  (I worked with Consortium X rather than NetBSD xsrc, and I built
> a separate Xs24 rather than rolling it into Xsun or Xsun24.)

Sounds great! I'd like to try your Xs24 server if it's possible.