Subject: Re: How to navigate timezone menus on sparc keyboard????
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/06/2002 12:05:35
[ On Sunday, October 6, 2002 at 11:59:17 (+0200), Martin Husemann wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: How to navigate timezone menus on sparc keyboard????
> On Sat, Oct 05, 2002 at 05:25:10PM -0400, wrote:
> Ok, just for the record: this part of sysinst is fundamentally broken
> (did you ever try it over a serial line at 9600 bps?)

I wouln't call it fundamentally broken.  It worked OK for me with 1.6
over 9600bps console on the SunFire V100, and that's through a terminal
server, a telnet connection by the conserver daemon, and conserver
connection by a remote conserver console client, and finally yet another
network connection to my Xserver by the xterm running on a server host.

I simply set the terminal type to xterm (since that's the type of
terminal that would be interpreting any escape sequences), and 

The only annying thing was the strictly xterm related, and that was the
flashing back and forth between the alternat screen, especially during
the unpacking of the sets.  Normally I like this feature, but it should
NEVER be used by any full-screen (eg. curses-based) application unless
the state change will be long-lasting (many minutes) and is really and
truly necessary to simulate leaving the full screen mode for a purpose.

> - but nevertheless,
> it "just works" with the cursor keys (that's how it's designed) if your
> terminal settings are right. If it doesn't, this is (a different) bug either
> in the termcap entry on the install media or in sysinst.

Yes, the timezone menu worked fine with the xterm cursor keys (in
"normal" mode, of course, not the "application mode" intended only for
VERY old non-curses programs that only work with VT52s).

> Please double check your terminal settings (I always set it to "xterm" at the
> initial question and it just worked for me, I'm not using the console
> keyboard, but a serial console and cu in a xterm window) - and then please
> file a PR if it still does not work.

If the original question though is accurate, i.e. if we're really
talking about how well the "sun" (i.e. "sun-il") termcap matches the
NetBSD/sparc console when the keyboard & framebuffer are used, with the
drivers as they would be included in the INSTALL kernel, well then
that's easy enough to test without going through the effort of actually
trying it via sysinst.  As far as I can see it should all work, but I'm
just skimming through the keyboard tables and such.

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