Subject: Re: making old sparcs run fast
To: None <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 05/04/2001 09:23:24
On Thu, Jan 01, 1970 at 01:31:04AM +0100, Tim Walls wrote:
> Depressing, innit?  I use my Classic for everything except web browsing,
> for which an old laptop running Windows & Opera suffices.  (Not 
> tried the

i don't use my PC for much other than playing Diablo II, but of i'm at it
i'll use Opera.  i love Opera.  i wish there was a Solaris version so i could
toss both netscape and ie5 into the wastebasket.  (both suck, but in different

> Unix ports of Opera yet, but judging by the performance of the Windows
> version it could be a good candidate for a decent lightweight browser if
> they could be convinced to produce a NetBSD/Sparc build.  Yeah, 
> fat chance...)

i use Solaris 8 on my desktop at home (and will continue to do so until the 
FDDI cards are supported by NetBSD which probably won't happen in my lifetime) 
and so i bug the Opera people every once in a while for a Solaris port.  they
ignore me of course since i am but one voice, but if we could get the 
NetBSD/sparc group to band together and ask for a SPARC/NetBSD/Solaris version
of Opera we may have a better chance.  i'll bug people on as well.
( actually, i'll just CC this message there as well, that should make it easy)
with enough preasure from people who are willing to pay for Opera (i've already
paid for my winders version) i think we should have little to no problem getting
them to do a port.

i'd really like to organize an effort here since i love Opera and hate the
alternatives.  the lack of plugin support is less of an issue on the *NIX
platform since there aren't many plugins that work for me as it is.

any hints here on how to go about this?  should everyone send individual mail
or should a collect a list of supports and send that in?  i'll do whatever it